Capitol Report: Ted Cruz is quarantining himself

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The American Conservative Union announced on Saturday that an attendee at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference tested positive for coronavirus, prompting President Donald Trump, who attended the event, to say he’s “not concerned at all” about being exposed.

Not everybody shares that level of confidence.

Sen. Ted Cruz said in a statement Sunday that he shook hands with the infected man, and while the Republican senator said he is showing no signs of developing the disease, he will exercise “an abundance of caution” by remaining at his home in Texas this week.

“Given that the interaction was 10 days ago, that the average incubation period is 5-6 days, that the interaction was for less than a minute, and that I have no current symptoms, the medical authorities have advised me that the odds of transmission from the other individual to me were extremely low,” he added. “The physicians further advised that testing is not effective before symptoms manifest, and my brief interaction with the individual does not meet the CDC criteria for self-quarantine.”

Here’s his full tweet:

And here’s a statement from the ACU:

There are now 107,758 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,658 deaths, according to the latest tally from the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. More than 60,000 people have recovered worldwide. In the U.S., there have been 437 diagnosed cases and 19 deaths.

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