Personal Finance Daily: How to find a pandemic-proof job and what unemployed Americans can do to fight the coronavirus pandemic

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Personal Finance
IRS has paid out over $218 billion in stimulus checks

This includes almost 110 million direct deposit money transfers and nearly 20 million paper checks.

‘The floor was taken out from under them.’ April’s massive job losses are hitting these Americans more than others

The economy lost 20.5 million jobs last month, according to the jobs report.

A majority of Americans say reopening the country from coronavirus restrictions isn’t worth the risks

Democrats were far more likely than Republicans to say reopening now wasn’t worth it, an ABC News/Ipsos poll found.

Too lazy to make a cocktail? This $299 machine from the people who brought you Keurig coffee cups will do it for you

Drinkworks aims to reduce the fuss that goes into preparing your favorite cocktail.

How to find a pandemic-proof job during the coronavirus outbreak if you’ve been laid off or furloughed

Millions of Americans are out of work because of the coronavirus pandemic — and the possibility of a second wave of the outbreak makes finding a new job more difficult.

Librarians are being enlisted to help in the battle against coronavirus — how you, too, can get a contact tracer job

New contact tracers reach about four contacts on average per shift, while more seasoned tracers reach more. They also leave a lot of voicemails.

I received my ex-husband’s $1,200 stimulus check because we filed joint taxes in 2018. Should I give him the money or return it to the IRS?

‘I don’t want to give it over now, only to receive an overpayment letter later and have to pay it back.’

I received a $1,200 stimulus check addressed to my late mother. What should I do now?

The process for distributing economic impact payments is far from perfect.

New estimates on coronavirus fatalities make for chilling reading as U.S. states ease restrictions on social distancing

‘I don’t want to be Mr. Doom and Gloom,’ President Trump said.

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Trump says he’s having a ‘very hard time’ with China and is undecided about trade deal

President Donald Trump on Friday said he’s having “a very hard time with China” and hasn’t decided how to handle the trade relationship, following a call between top trade representatives of the two nations.

Coronavirus could be sexually transmitted by recovering patients, new research shows

“To avoid contact with the patient’s saliva and blood may not be enough,” according to the study. “Since the survival of SARS-CoV-2 in a recovering patient’s semen maintains the likelihood to infect others.”

When we say ‘essential workers’, we really mean essential work

As we fight the coronavirus, consider the language we use.

Here’s a $4 trillion reason why investors think negative rates are a no-go for the U.S.

The intense pain that negative interest rates would inflict on the $4 trillion money-market fund industry in the .U.S. would ultimately give Fed officials second thought.

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