Personal Finance Daily: This is the absolute worst candy to give out on Halloween, and Alex Trebek wants you to learn the signs of pancreatic cancer

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Personal Finance
Banks increasingly unload flooded-out mortgages at taxpayer expense

Some banks are cutting their own climate-change exposure by selling riskier disaster-area mortgages to taxpayer-supported entities.

Only 2% of the Equifax data breach victims have signed up for free credit monitoring so far

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are asking for $77.5 million in fees for the case.

‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki says this is ‘the only rule’ for getting and staying rich

How can I get rich quick? Robert Kiyosaki says he’s asked that a lot, and it’s the most disturbing question he gets.

California’s paid leave law has cost new mothers an estimated $24,000 over a decade, new research shows

Men can take paid leave too, but their wages and employment haven’t been affected, the study noted.

‘I wish I had known sooner’ — Alex Trebek wants you to learn the signs of pancreatic cancer

The overall five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is 9%.

This is the absolute worst candy to give out on Halloween

A couple of surveys rank the goodies that trick-or-treaters aren’t sweet on — and the ones they love.

One critical question pediatricians should ask every parent, yet many don’t

This study analyzed data from 16,576 regular pediatric visits involving 77 pediatric residents and 26 faculty members.

The FDA wants to stop you from buying too much candy from your office vending machine

But scientists are conflicted over whether calorie-counting on labels and menus actually encourages people to eat less junk food.

This analysis of 40 million Uber rides reveals exactly how much people tip — and whether men or women are more generous

A group of economists also found that male and female drivers are not tipped at the same rate.

This elderly man is moving into a condo with his younger girlfriend — his daughter fears they will spend her inheritance

‘He wants her to live out her life in the condo should he pass away before her.’

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Fed cuts rates for third meeting in a row, signals pause

The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark interest rate for the third meeting in a row but signaled it may pause its policy changes.

Barack Obama to social-justice warriors: You’re doing it all wrong

The former president has had it with ‘cancel culture.’

Trump thanks GM, Fiat Chrysler for support in California emissions fight

President Trump thanked General Motors and other automakers on Wednesday for supporting him in a legal fight over emissions regulations in California.

Read the FOMC’s October statement

For the third time this year, the Federal Reserve cut a key interest rate that dictates borrowing costs for consumers and businesses. The central bank has been aiming to bolster the economy against the ill effects of the U.S. trade war with China.

Here’s how much Corporate America’s paying in taxes after Trump’s cuts

The rich get richer, or a boon to businesses and consumers? Democrats and Republicans have different ideas of what the December 2017 Trump tax cuts mean for the U.S. economy.

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