Personal Finance Daily: Should I tip 20% in a restaurant even if I believe the service is mediocre? and your hardwood floor may have been harvested illegally

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Personal Finance
Fast shipping isn’t great for the environment — 7 ways to cut the carbon footprint on your Amazon deliveries

Amazon says one-day and same-day shipping are its most eco-friendly options, but experts aren’t so sure.

Nothing says Christmas like $30 Trump Pence wrapping paper and $60 ‘Keep America Great’ ornaments

The Trump campaign has revealed its Christmas merchandise.

Boys and girls have an equal aptitude for math — so why are there are so few women in higher-paying STEM jobs?

Women make up just 26% of people in computer and mathematical occupations, according to the BLS.

I’m thinking about proposing to my girlfriend — but her parents control her finances and they’re terrible with money

‘They told my girlfriend, “Don’t worry about your student debt — just finish school.”’

The top 3 colleges in America with returns on investment of over $2 million — and none are Ivy League institutions

Four public colleges offer the best return on investment after 10 and 40 years.

Your hardwood floor may have been harvested illegally

The World Wildlife Fund and World Resources Institute worked with the U.S. Forest Service to examine 73 commercial wood products — including furniture, flooring, musical instruments and sporting goods — sold by major U.S. retailers. Most were wrongly labeled, raising concern they were illegally logged.

Middle-income Americans are increasingly ‘financially vulnerable,’ despite strong economy and low unemployment

Households making less than $30,000 a year were the sole income group to see an increase in financial health.

Should I tip 20% in a restaurant even if I believe the service is mediocre?

‘Our 30-something waiter forgot our drink orders, never returned for refills and only checked back once before dropping off the check in front of our guest.’

Why being a millionaire should never be your goal

Focus on the big picture: making money instead of cutting costs.

Mortgage rates are increasing again — so why did more people apply for home loans?

On average, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage now comes with a rate of 3.75%.

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Meet the committee on Capitol Hill that’s trying to make Congress great again

This year, Congress set up a panel that’s focusing on how to knock the institution itself back into shape.

Flurry of witnesses to testify in next impeachment hearings

Several witnesses are scheduled to testify over the coming week in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, as Democrats try to use the hearings to build their case in public.

‘Give away $60 billion’ to foreign companies? The ‘America First’ Trump administration faces a tricky 5G choice

A big step in U.S. 5G deployment could take place next month, as the FCC could back a proposal from the satellite industry for auctioning off radio spectrum. But some lawmakers don’t like the plan, and satellite stocks have slumped this week.

NRA turned heads with this tweet even as the Saugus High School shooting was unfolding in California

Shots rang out at Saugus High in California just before 8 a.m. on Thursday.

Fed’s Bullard says sharper-than-expected economic slowdown is ‘key risk’

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said Thursday that the key risk facing the economy is that the slowdown may be sharper than expected.

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