Personal Finance Daily: What is your capital gains tax rate and one more reason to delete Facebook

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Personal Finance
My wife and I bailed out our son with his mortgage and car payments, and set up 529s for his kids — yet we have the daughter-in-law from hell

‘We have lent them considerable money, but his wife now denies it was a loan.’

These are the world’s best gifts to give, according to science

Look beyond the initial reaction of the person opening the gift, and think about what would really spark joy.

What is your capital gains tax rate? Good question — it can get confusing

Tax Guy is here with answers.

Don’t make the same critical resume mistake that ex-Trump official Mina Chang reportedly made

The State Department worker resigned Monday, after being accused of embellishing her educational achievements — and even faking a Time magazine cover

Are you cheap if you split the check by only paying for what you ordered?

‘I see now there are pitfalls I didn’t anticipate. What’s the appropriate etiquette for dealing with such a scenario?’

This former top Obama official says one silver bullet would raise $500 billion in personal-income tax

‘Today, the IRS has fewer auditors than it had at any point since World War II.’

One more reason to delete Facebook that has nothing to do with privacy or mental health

New research appears to validate what many parents and educators have long suspected.

These former hedge-fund managers quit Wall Street to live on the open seas — at $1,500 per month

Bill and Grace Heaton, both in their 30s, say they’re living the dream: ‘Don’t go chasing things that you think will buy happiness.’

Half of older Americans fear that they’ll develop dementia — why most of their prevention methods are all wrong

‘Interest in treatment and prevention have shifted earlier in the disease process.’

Coffee drinkers have to stop double cupping their Dunkin’ — yes, even in New England

The Dunkin’ coffee chain now says customers will have to do without a “double cup” assist for their drinks, part of a green-minded foam cup phaseout already announced.

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Fed’s Mester says she didn’t want to cut rates but is now content to watch and wait

Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester said Monday she didn’t support the three recent rate cuts but is now content to wait and see how the economy develops/

It’s great the stock market is setting records, but it’s not because the economy is great

Stocks on Wall Street have soared to fresh record highs, but it’s not because the economy is flashing a big thumbs-up sign. Far from it.

A gateway drug? Joe Biden explains why he’s not ready to legalize marijuana

The former VP and current presidential hopeful talks about how he’s hesitant to legalize marijuana because he’s concerned it could be a drug that leads to the use of other, perhaps more dangerous, drugs.

As the market hits new highs, most stocks are sinking

Internal weakness in the stock market doesn’t bode well for the rally.

This holiday gift could earn your child $52,927

How a small investment now can make your children’s lives much easier when they’re older.

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