Personal Finance Daily: The 5 best ways to save money on Black Friday and avoid these mistakes when talking to your teen about college

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Personal Finance
How I paid cash for health care instead of using my insurance plan — and saved money

Four years ago, Harry Sit paid a dermatologist $360 using insurance. This time, he paid cash for the same exam and it was $161.

Avoid these 6 expensive mistakes when talking to your teen about college

Sobering: When students only attend college to appease their parents, 74% will drop out or transfer.

Country music legends weigh in on Tesla’s Cybertruck — ‘pretty doggone cool’

‘This truck/Doesn’t look like a truck/I don’t think it’s a truck for me,’ sang one Grammy winner.

The 5 best ways to save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year

MarketWatch’s guide on how to score the best deals and avoid breaking the bank.

Nearly one-third of Americans could make this financial mistake during the holiday season

This one decision millions of people are set to make in the coming weeks could put them in serious debt.

‘Great Recession’ a decade ago is one reason your Christmas tree will cost more this year

A tight supply will raise Christmas tree prices above last year’s $78 average, but everyone should still be able to find one

No pizza boxes, batteries or loose shredded paper — fix your recycling sins

Effective paper and plastic recycling is dictated by tossing only “empty, clean and dry” containers. Otherwise, the bin that feeds your green soul is really only a second garbage can.

Just in time for Thanksgiving: a cranberry-flavored beer

New England brewer pays homage to the region with this fruity offering.

Fiona Hill says women’s anger isn’t ‘fully appreciated’ — why women say they’re less likely to succeed if they raise their voices

‘It’s often, you know, pushed on to emotional issues or perhaps deflected onto other people,’ said the former NSC official.

Disney is giving us Baby Yoda toys for Christmas

Merchandise featuring the breakout star of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ will be available through stores like Amazon, Target and Macy’s.

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Opportunity zones are all sizzle, fizzle and the abuse of good intentions

There already is an effective program to address problems in low-income communities without creating more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Choosing an HSA can save you money now and make you even more later

Forget your preconceived notions about health savings accounts and figure out whether an HSA might improve your finances.

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