Tesla’s broken-window Cybertruck debut leaves the internet divided

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The internet is going to hang onto this Tesla moment for a while.

The much anticipated, all-electric “Cybertruck” rolled across the stage late on Thursday to a cheering crowd. And while the angular, cold-rolled steel vehicle looked like it could pretty much survive anything, a steel ball managed to crack the windows during a demonstration to prove they were indeed shatterproof.

“Oh my f…g God,” said Tesla’s TSLA, +0.74%  Chief Executive Elon Musk, looking on as an assistant lobbed the ball, smashing the driver window as a smaller object shattered the one behind it. “It didn’t go through, that is the plus side…room for improvement.”

Musk said wrenches and even a kitchen sink thrown at the windows before that debut didn’t break them. “We’ll fix it in post,” he assured the crowd. Check out the YouTube video, minute 7:30 for a replay of the whole thing.

But then the futuristic truck did seem to hold up pretty well to a sledgehammer test:

Longtime Tesla bear, Stanphyl Capital’s Mark Spiegel was among those who leapt on the Tesla demonstration fail:

While the window break clearly grabbed the limelight, a bigger concern going into the debut was that the design could prove too futuristic for traditional truck buyers. Some gave the whole thing the thumbs down, or likened the truck to a toddler’s toy, as shares dropped nearly 3% in premarket:

But then Tesla clearly gained or maintained some fans with its latest creation:

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