Top Ten: Weekend reads: Earn $100,000 a year and pay no federal income tax

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Start your weekend with something that may well bring a smile to your face: a simple and realistic way to earn $100,000 a year and not pay any federal income taxes.

MarketWatch’s retirement series goes to Bali

This time, Catey Hill’s popular series on retirement destinations lands on an island in the Pacific. She interviews Sherry Bronson, who describes in detail her new life in Bali.

Tesla’s bizarre new truck

Motor Trend has dozens of photos of Tesla’s TSLA, -5.78%  new electric pickup truck, which Elon Musk expects to go into production late in 2021. MarketWatch readers had hundreds of comments about the radical design and you can chime in with your opinion.

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Holiday gift series: This time for your parents

If you dread the prospect of coming up with gift ideas for a retired parent who seems to have everything, read this.

Read on for more gifts that pay off.

Looking beyond big tech

Jeff Reeves points investors away from tech giants, such as Facebook FB, +0.25%  and GOOG, -0.30% GOOGL, -0.33% and toward very profitable companies with few competitors.

Ominous warnings about U.S. stocks …

There’s no lack of warnings claiming that U.S. stock prices are very high. By one measure favored by Berkshire Hathaway BRK.B, +0.48% BRK.A, +0.41%  CEO Warren Buffett, U.S. stocks haven’t been valued this high relative to U.S. GDP since 2000. Here are two more colorfully named red indicators.

… And where to redirect your investments

Michael Brush has advice on where to find good prospects for growth at reasonable prices.

Try something new at your Thanksgiving meal

Can you guess what it is?

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