Personal Finance Daily: Travel security experts advise caution when traveling to the Middle East and this is the ‘best’ whiskey on planet Earth

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Personal Finance
The No. 1 ‘best’ diet for 2020, according to a panel of 25 health professionals

A panel of ‘nationally recognized’ experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease spent months deciding on the most and least effective diets, based on seven criteria.

This state introduced an e-cigarette tax to deter people from vaping — but it had one unhealthy, unforeseen consequence

There is no federal e-cigarette tax, but at least 20 states and Washington, D.C., have approved some kind of tax on e-cigarettes.

‘I’m 22 with $70,000 in savings and investments, but I’m addicted to checking my brokerage accounts multiple times a day’

‘I am addicted to watching the “total accounts” number grow in my portfolio.’ 

‘Nothing is ever his fault, everyone is out to get him.’ Our brother inherited our late mother’s home and it was repossessed. He’s now in prison — do I send him money?

‘He lost our mother’s property after obtaining a high-interest mortgage so he could buy a motorcycle, which he also lost as a result of an accident.’

How’s the economy doing? Your answer may depend on whether you’re Republican or Democrat

Even with unemployment at a 50-year low and the stock market continuing its historic 10-year bull run, a Pew Research Center survey says many people remain unconvinced.

No, you’re not going to be drafted into the military just because you applied for federal student loans

The FAFSA form asks men whether they’ve signed up for Selective Service.

As tensions mount with Iran, should Americans be worried about rising oil prices?

Qassem Soleimani was killed Friday by a U.S. airstrike. Analysts say the U.S. is in a very different position today than during previous Middle East conflicts.

Travel security experts advise caution when traveling to the Middle East — but don’t cancel your trip just yet

The State Department says Americans should maintain ‘situational awareness’ in the region following the Baghdad airstrike.

Here’s your chance to taste the ‘best’ whiskey on planet Earth

Kentucky bourbon maker earns the honor from a prestigious annual guide.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Fed still worried U.S. inflation will remain too low in light of weak global economy

Policy makers at the Federal Reserve were more optimistic about the U.S. economy in December as trade tensions with China eased, but they still had lingering worries and fretted that inflation would remain too low, according to minutes of the central bank’s last meeting.

The only certainty about a U.S.-Iran war is uncertainty

War, should it come to that, may not necessarily be fought on our terms, says Paul Brandus

It now costs the average worker a record 114 hours’ pay to buy the S&P 500

Stocks lurch toward fresh records to commence the first trading day in 2020, but those gains have raised some questions about the run-up in values for broad-market U.S. equity benchmarks.

Investors are misplacing threats to the U.S. stock market

Imported oil has significantly less effect on the American economy than it did only a few years ago.

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