NewsWatch: What stock market investors need to know about intensifying U.S.-Iran tensions

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Consider it a wake-up call. Stock-market investors shouldn’t panic, but intensifying U.S.-Iran tensions bring home the potential for geopolitical turmoil to make for bumpier price action. See full story.

Stocks could see a double-digit drop in the coming months, warns Wells Fargo

Even as geopolitical tensions continue to ratchet up, there’s much to be bullish about in the stock market in the New Year — maybe too much, according to Chris Harvey, the head of equity strategy at Wells Fargo Securities. See full story.

Experts doubt Fed has all the tools it needs to fight recession

Experts urged the Federal Reserve to consider new strategies to fight the next recession, worried that its toolkit was limited. See full story.

CES 2020: Where have the tech companies gone?

From keynote speeches to exhibitor booths, the annual weeklong high-tech bacchanal here will be distinguished as much by automakers and airlines as by chip makers and computer makers. See full story.

This contrarian stock play is leading to big gains, and the party isn’t close to being over

David Marcus of Evermore Global Advisors explains the marine-shipping industry’s transition. See full story.


‘The secret was never revealed to me either by him or by my mother.’ See full story.

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