Personal Finance Daily: What to ask yourself before you refinance your mortgage and a college president tells students not to borrow to pay tuition

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Personal Finance
A college president’s advice to students: Don’t borrow to pay tuition

A reality check from the president of a 10,000-student university near Amarillo, Texas.

Judge gives ex-Pimco CEO a break on prison sentence because of his history of philanthropy

Attorneys for Douglas Hodge said their client deserved leniency because he had donated more than $30 million to charity.

Coronavirus plunges China into massive work-at-home pilot program

China has lagged much of the world in permitting telecommuting — till now.

Former Iowa governor wins Powerball, and that’s good news for his church

Congratulations, Tom Vilsack, you just claimed a $150,000 Powerball prize — so what do you plan to do with all that money?

5 questions to ask yourself before you refinance your mortgage

The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage now stands at 3.45%, the lowest since 2016.

‘We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and steal her baby.’ Is Joaquin Phoenix tapping into a larger movement?

Dairy milk sales have fallen by $1 billion.

My son told me that I’ve amounted to nothing and he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Should I cut him out of my will?

‘He has nothing to do with me or my side of the family.’

Trump promises 100,000 new ‘high-paying’ auto jobs — here’s why it’s not that simple

The auto industry cut more than 50,000 jobs in 2019.

My father-in-law’s business went south and my mother-in-law has never worked a day in her life. How can I avoid supporting them?

‘I’m not spending all my days as a working mom away from my kids only to support my in-laws.’

My mom asked for a divorce. My dad made his mother his pension beneficiary — and then he killed himself. Now my mom and grandma are feuding. Who’s right?

‘My grandmother and mother both have lawyers, and they both say that they are going to get this pension. It’s been dragging on for nearly two years.’

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‘Everyone is exhausted by this president’: Bill Weld on why he’s challenging Donald Trump

Bill Weld has qualified praise for Donald Trump’s tax law, and says the president is free to point to stock-market conditions as he seeks a second term. But, says the former Massachusetts governor, who’s challenging Trump for the Republican nomination, there’s one major problem.

Our only advantage over killer coronaviruses is our intelligence — it’s about time we used it

Rather than thrashing around every time a new pathogen surprises us, we should simply deploy the same resources, organization, and ingenuity that we apply to building and managing our military assets.

Bloomberg’s plan to boost 10 depressed cities is a folly

Reskilling America and boosting mobility with relocation grants to workers would do more good than the federal government choosing 10 cities to advantage over the rest of the nation.

Stock market investors’ motto — ‘in central banks we trust’ — is still working

Liquidity injections are prompting a rise in stock prices.

Here’s the case for buying Ford, GM or Fiat Chrysler instead of Tesla

The Big 3 have suffered from a bad-news cycle, but the pessimism is overdone.

Why ‘buy-the-dip’ is the stock market’s default setting — and what it would take for that to change

Investors made crystal clear this past week that they aren’t ready to abandon the “buy-the-dip” response to stock market pullbacks, despite warnings the tried-and-true approach may soon meet its match.

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