The Margin: ‘What the f—?’ Prank shows how some Russians really feel about Putin

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Vladimir Putin doesn’t necessarily seem like someone who enjoys a laugh at his own expense, but that didn’t stop one merry prankster from apparently making the Russian president the butt of his recent joke.

According to the English-language Moscow Times, the man glued a giant picture of Putin to the wall of an elevator in a residential building in Russia.

The reactions were priceless.

The first man to walk in said, “What the f—?” Then a woman entered and dropped an F-bomb of her own, saying, ‘Some a—hole put it up.’

The last guy couldn’t hide his disdain for Putin, as he stared in complete silence before exiting the elevator saying, “F—, this is bulls—.”

Watch the whole video:

Here’s a tweet that captures one of the prevailing themes in the responses to the video, which has already been viewed more than 740,000 times:

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