Personal Finance Daily: More Americans feel confident about taking on debt and there’s some scientific truth to ‘happy wife, happy life’

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Personal Finance
There’s some scientific truth to ‘happy wife, happy life’

Having an optimistic partner can stave off cognitive decline, research suggests.

What your real estate agent won’t tell you about buying a home near water

5 things to know about flooding and rising sea levels before spending any money.

The ‘double pay penalty’ that many Asian-American and Pacific Islander women experience

Feb. 11 is Asian American/Pacific Islander Equal Pay Day.

More Americans feel confident about taking on debt — here’s why they should exercise caution

That could change with the new FICO credit score model.

Two years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — who are the winners and the losers?

There’s a disconnect between who actually benefited from the TCJA and who thinks they benefited.

I am 34, have $500K, own several properties and plan to retire by 40. My girlfriend bought a Mercedes — and says my savings will be enough for both of us

‘Am I being overly protective of my financial goals, or is she out of line for expecting to enjoy the benefits without making the sacrifices?’

5 ways these Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary are marketing geniuses

One troop sold 230 boxes in four hours. Another scout sold more than 300 boxes in under six hours.

‘We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow and steal her baby.’ Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar speech will be welcomed by America’s growing army of vegans

Dairy milk sales have fallen by $1 billion.

T-Mobile-Sprint merger clears hurdle — NY AG says it’s ‘a loss for every American who relies on their cell phone’

Opponents of the tie-up argued that the deal would reduce competition and cause higher prices for subscribers.

Women’s salaries are growing faster than men’s because they hold more high-skill jobs

Women now hold more jobs in fields where ‘fundamental’ skills like critical thinking and negotiating are essential.

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Your next president: Donald Trump Jr.?

Donald Trump Jr., who was just coming off a campaign stop for his father in New Hampshire, visited “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning. He had plenty to say.

Job openings in the U.S. fall to 2-year low — ‘not a good trend’

The number of job openings in the United States fell to a two-year low at the end of 2019, reflecting a slowdown in hiring tied to a softening economy. Job openings sank to 6.42 million in December.

We must fight pandemics as if we were preparing for war

Rather than thrashing around every time a new pathogen surprises us, we should simply deploy the same resources, organization, and ingenuity that we apply to building and managing our military assets.

Warren Buffett had a tough year — how might he explain it?

We’ll know Feb. 22, when Berkshire Hathaway earnings and Warren Buffett’s shareholder letter are published.

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