The Margin: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are the favorite rom-coms in each state

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, with countless couples (and singles too, no judgment) no doubt planning to watch a romantic comedy or two over the weekend.

So what will be watched around the country? If one new survey is to be believed, it’ll be classics in the Midwest, movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s on the West Coast, and a little bit of everything on the East Coast.

Consumer tech company Comparitech released a map this week listing the most favorite rom-coms in each state, based on Google Trends data.

First reactions range from “really?” (the charming French film “Amelie” is No. 1 in Louisiana) to “REALLY?!?” (Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want” is apparently beloved in Montana).

Two trends immediately pop out — the prevalence of classic screwball comedies in the Midwest (1940’s “His Girl Friday” is most popular in Michigan and Minnesota, 1938’s “Bringing Up Baby” is No. 1 in Wisconsin, and 1940’s “The Philadelphia Story” is tops in Iowa) and how many viewers favor rom-coms set in their home states (“Clueless” in California, “When Harry Met Sally” in New York, “Sixteen Candles” in Illinois, “The Proposal” in Alaska). Hometown favoritism could also explain “The Wedding Singer” in New Hampshire, where that movie’s star, Adam Sandler, grew up.

Check it out for yourself and waste a solid 10 minutes of office time.

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