NewsWatch: Here’s how one ‘black swan’ investor is protecting his $5 billion fund against a market crash that ‘won’t be pretty’

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Mark Spitznagel of Universa Investments is getting ready for the next big drop, but he says he’s fine if it never comes. See full story.

These cities are most vulnerable to shocks from WeWork’s woes (hint: not New York or San Francisco)

Cities most vulnerable to a pullback in the office-share craze sparked by the rise of WeWork aren’t New York and San Francisco, according to a new DBRS Morningstar report, even though the pair of coastal cities have the biggest U.S. flexible office-space footprints. See full story.

He shorted Tesla for his clients last month — obviously, it didn’t go very well

Betting against Tesla has paid off handsomely in the past. Not in January. Just ask GMT Capital’s Tom Claugus about that. See full story.

How Democrats could end up deadlocked on a presidential nominee for the first time in 68 years

Contested convention, here we come? With just two 2020 Democratic presidential nominating contests in the history books, pundits are beginning to speculate that for the first time since the 1950s, no candidate will win the magic number of delegates on the first ballot at this summer’s convention. See full story.

OK, boomers and millennials: This next wave of home buyers is coming up fast

Gen Z is already influencing mortgage lending and builders, writes Sanjiv Das. See full story.


One in four people buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets, and almost half admit they cuddle with their dog more than their partner. See full story.

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