Personal Finance Daily: The cheapest time to visit Disneyland and Disney World and Americans lost $201 million in 2019 to dating fraud

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This is the cheapest time to visit Disneyland and Disney World

Disney increased the prices of some tickets and passes for its theme parks in California and Florida.

Fortnite gamers don’t need to worry about reporting their V-Bucks to the IRS

Virtual currency is ‘an important focal point’ for the IRS in 2020 — just not in-game currency that can’t be used in the real world.

‘I’m hurt!’ My husband of 5 years inherited his parents’ Californian home and didn’t put my name on the deed — what should I do?

‘I understand an inheritance is not community property unless you make it so. If the shoe were on the other foot, I would have added his name to the deed.’

Valentine’s Day just got boozier with this chocolate whiskey

A California spirits producer combines cocoa and whiskey to make ‘dessert in a glass.’

I have $500K, own several properties and plan to retire by 40. I’m in love, but my girlfriend just bought a $37K Mercedes — and says I’ve enough money for both of us

‘Am I being overly protective of my financial goals, or is she out of line for expecting to enjoy the benefits without making the sacrifices?’

‘I’m sick to death of him.’ My 70-year-old boyfriend sits in front of the TV and has no savings — is it too late to tell him to go?

‘I own the house and I’m ready to just give it to him and walk away with my small retirement fund.’

People are spending $1.7 billion on Valentines for their pets

One in four people buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their pets, and almost half admit they cuddle with their dog more than their partner.

1 in 5 Americans get hit with a surprise medical bill after elective surgery — here’s how much they pay and how to avoid it

A new study looked at nearly 350,000 patients whose surgeons were in-network.

Americans were scammed out of $201 million in 2019 from dating fraud

Why dating scams are now the most reported type of fraud in the U.S.

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Trump administration considers proposing new tax incentives for stock buying: report

The Trump administration is considering making it possible for Americans to invest more in the stock market on a tax-free basis, according to a report on Friday citing four unnamed administration officials.

Not one S&P 500 CEO is donating to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

While the moderate 2020 Democrats finished behind Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, presidential hopefuls Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are winning over S&P 500 CEOs, as the execs vote for them with their wallets.

We don’t know if the SALT cap is driving away residents of high-tax states

Although some claim that more taxpayers are fleeing high-tax states because of the new limits on deducting state and local taxes from their federal income taxes, the honest answer is that we don’t have any idea.

Consumers feel good about the economy: sentiment returns near 15-year high

A measure of consumer confidence rose in February to within a whisper of a postrecession high, reflecting a remarkably high level of optimism among Americans about their own finances and the U.S. economy nearly 11 years after the last recession.

Republicans and Democrats, your political leanings color your investments

How to immunize your stock-market choices from political bias.

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