NewsWatch: Morgan Stanley’s strategists are bullish on markets — but here’s their big worry

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The investment bank’s strategists are bullish on markets, particularly for credit. Here’s one of their big concerns. See full story.

Lockdowns do bring economic disaster. But don’t rush to the exit

As new economic data and forecasts reveal the amount of destruction that coronavirus will leave in its wake, the pressure mounts on governments to ease their strict lockdowns. But there is no model for exiting and hurrying could prove the worst possible economic choice. See full story.

Trump says U.S. will stop funding World Health Organization

President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he is directing his administration to halt U.S. funding of the World Health Organization, as he accused the WHO of mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus and promised a review of the matter. See full story.

Debt collectors are going after millions of stimulus checks — 5 ways to stop them

‘Millions of Americans have court judgments against them,’ says Lauren Saunders, an associate director at the National Consumer Law Center. See full story.

‘It’s a complete abomination’ says Wall Street money manager about hedge funds applying for bailouts from small-business recovery funds

The Bloomberg News article makes the case that hedge funds, which tend to charge 2% fees for managing other people’s money and take 20% of the profits from their bets, are enticed by the roughly $350 billion recovery package. See full story.


‘New York’s next version of itself — and America’s — will not depend on a reassembly of old buildings in a new place but on dismantling assumptions and rearranging priorities.’ See full story.

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