NewsWatch: Why stock-market strategists have never been more confused in June about the year-end outlook for equities

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It has been the best of times and the worst of times for U.S. equity benchmarks over the past two quarters, and that is, perhaps, why Wall Street analysts are facing their most befuddling challenge yet. See full story.

I have a seven-figure nest egg — am I saving too much for retirement?

A big pile of money is great, but it raises questions See full story.

Fauci gives dire warning to Americans: 100,000 new coronavirus cases a day

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was speaking to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. See full story.

J.P. Morgan is betting these stocks will dominate as an uncertain second-half of the year looms

The second quarter comes to the close, and an uncertain last half of the year is looming. Our call of the day comes from JPMorgan Chase strategists, who identify which stocks are winning now and are probably the safest bets for the rest of the year. See full story.

Netflix launches $100 million commitment to help close ‘centuries-long financial gap between Black and white families’

Netflix Inc. announced Tuesday an effort to grow economic opportunities for Black communities by allocating money to banks and other institutions that help provide financial support. See full story.


‘When I get a raise or a promotion at work I want to be able to celebrate with my friends, and not feel like they’ll judge me or make snide remarks about my salary.’ See full story.

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